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  • Organ

    The flow of georgette combined with the sensuality of tulle and the beauty of the floral embroidery come together in this feminine and romantic wedding dress to highlight the silhouette and give it an almost magical touch:

    • – Evasé skirt in georgette with floral beaded thread embroidery appliqués
    • – Bodice in tulle and lace combined with guipure
    • – Illusion neckline in tulle and lace
    • – Illusion back in tulle and floral thread appliqués
  • Olvera

    Exquisite mermaid wedding dress in soft tulle. A design with flowing fabrics that hug the body to streamline the silhouette to the maximum and highlight the beaded details that envelop the body:

    • – Mermaid skirt in soft tulle with beaded thread embroidery
    • – Tulle bodice with embroidery and beading
    • – Off-the-shoulder neckline with a slight sweetheart outline on the bust
    • – Off-the-shoulder straps in embroidered tulle
    • – Embroidered tulle train that flows from the mid-back with a cascade effect
  • Ocata

    Inspired by classical Greece, this wedding dress reminds us of the Olympian goddesses and their feminine silhouettes, and their lovely and light profiles:

    • – Soft tulle evasé skirt
    • – Draped waistband in soft tulle
    • – Bodice in soft tulle combined with embroidered tulle
    • – V-neck with draped bands from the waist to the shoulder and a center detail with a sheer effect
    • – V-back
  • Obelia

    Sensational mermaid wedding dress. An amazing and very glamorous look that manages to blend the sensuality of the fabrics with the very flattering sophistication of the necklines and the subtle illusions:

    • – Mermaid skirt in tulle and lace with thread embroidery appliqués
    • – Embroidered tulle bodice with a semi-sheer effect.
    • – Narrow crepe waistband
    • – Sweetheart neckline
    • – Embroidered tulle straps
    • – Illusion back in crystal tulle with beaded embroidery
  • Oceano

    The feminine silhouette inspires and attracts all the attention in this incredible mermaid wedding dress with illusions. A contemporary design with romantic airs and very suggestive details:

    • – Mermaid skirt in tulle and lace with beaded thread embroidery
    • – Satin waistband
    • – Bodice in semi-sheer tulle with lace details and thread flowers and beading
    • – V-neck with illusion straps
    • – V-back
  • Omura

    More than a wedding dress, it’s an ode to femininity. A design intended to stylize and highlight the most sensual and elegant beauty through its fabrics, neckline and form:

    • – Mermaid skirt in crepe with thread embroidery and beading
    • – Tulle bodice with floral thread embroidery appliqués and beading
    • – Crepe waistband
    • – Sweetheart neckline
  • Onice

    Spectacular design in chiffon. A wedding dress that opts for a romantic and very feminine look to draw a sleek and very sensual silhouette:

    • – Chiffon evasé skirt
    • – Chiffon waistband
    • – Bodice in tulle embroidered with thread and beaded details
    • – Sweetheart neckline with a plunging illusion V in crystal tulle
    • – Chiffon off-the-shoulder straps
  • Orson

    Spectacular mermaid wedding dress designed to enhance and stylize the silhouette and the femininity of its form. A design with a beaded waistband that creates a two-piece effect and joins the tulle and crepe with a sparkling border:

    • – Crepe mermaid skirt
    • – Tulle bodice with thread embroidery and beaded details
    • – V-neck
    • – Shoulders in crystal tulle and embroidery appliqués
    • – V-back framed in tulle
  • Octa

    Beautiful wedding dress in crepe with a mermaid silhouette. A design defined by embroidery details and beaded sparkles, and by the femininity and suggestiveness of the sweetheart neckline:

    • – Mermaid skirt in crepe with thread embroidery and beading
    • – Bodice in crepe covered with thread flowers and crystal sparkles
    • – Sweetheart neckline with a plunging V
    • – Tulle off-the-shoulder straps