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Are you stuck for ideas on how you would like to look on your wedding day? Do you go for natural make up, dramatic, vintage, smokey, dewy, matt. The list is endless and there are so many options out there now. Here are a few of Our top tips to help you make your own decision and what’s going to be popular in 2018:

1. Messy Updos

Craving an upstyle that’s easy to create at home and is perfect for dressing up or down? Messy updos are where it’s at! Curls, braids and pins can be used to create simple yet beautiful tousled upstyles.

Messy Updos
Messy Updos

2.Next Level Lashes

If there’s one feature to go big on for your 2018 wedding make-up look, it’s lashes. Super long, fluttery eyelashes are back in a big way and conveniently, the secret to making your peepers pop in those wedding photos.

Totally timeless and always flattering, if a less ‘on trend’ bridal look feels more you, then get your hands on a pair of falsies.

bridal eye lashes
bridal eye lashes

3. Ribbons are back!

Tying off a slim satin or velvet bow is such a beautiful and simple way to accessorise your wedding hairstyle. We love this soft ponytail from backstage at Jenny Packham’s latest bridal show. The look, created by Michael Van Clarke, began by softly curling each model’s hair and then tying the pony low, with the ribbon wrapped around twice and then tied off to hang effortlessly.

4. Pink Eyeshadow

At bridal fashion week last year, pink eyeshadow was all the rage, and the Pinterest search traffic followed suit. Try using a ballerina slipper-esque pastel on your lids, or blend a warm blush shadow into your crease to break from the standard taupe. We already love rosy eyeshadow for day to day, but for a wedding, the shade adds even more romance.


5. Blot Lips

A deep berry-colored stain feels perfect for my fall wedding. Using my fingers, I press a dark, purplish lip color into my lips, then blot the lipstick to create a sheer wash of color. Bonus: Blotting ensures this look will last through drinks, dinner and the first kiss ;).


Knowing which wedding dress design is right for each body type can make all the difference in a bride’s confidence and wedding-day photos. To guarantee you look your best on your big day, check Ennis Bridal Boutique Infographic before purchasing your bridal gown!

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress That Fits Your Body
How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress That Fits Your Body

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A classic wedding dress, this design is ideal for women with an Inverted Triangle shape (broad shoulders, large bust, small waist and hips). Brides with Triangle-, Hourglass-, and Rectangle-shaped bodies can also look great in the Ball Gown dress.

The A-Line (Princess) Wedding Dress

Perfect for Triangle (smaller upper body, broad hips) or Pear-shaped body types, the Princess Wedding dress is an extremely versatile design. Women with Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, and Round figures will look fantastic in this dress as well.

The Empire Wedding Dress

Great for women with full busts, full hips, and not a lot of definition around the waist area, this flowing dress design can be worn with all figures.

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

Fashionable and edgy, the Mermaid Wedding Dress looks especially great on Hourglass shapes (full bust, full hips, waist definition) but can also be worn by Triangle-shaped brides!

The Sheath (Column) Wedding Dress

Ideal for women with small busts, narrow hips, and little waist definition (Rectangle Body Type), the Sheath design can also serve to accentuate the curves of brides with Hourglass figures.



While browsing for your wedding dress you may have considered different embellishments like lace, beading, or you want to keep it simple. What you may need also want to consider is what the back of your wedding dress will look like. We are talking about more than just wedding dress trains. We are talking about low open backs, sheer illusion backs and more.

The back of your wedding dress is another way you can show a lot of your personality and sense of style. Since your back will be facing your guests during your ceremony it only makes sense to give them something beautiful to look at!

Here are a few things to consider before wedding dress shopping.

Wedding setting: Where are you getting married? Where’s the venue? Is it in a church? At a vineyard? On the beach? On the countryside? The setting for your big day will influence your selection for your wedding dress as a whole and that includes the back of the dress.

Having your ceremony in a church or other holy venues may require you to wear dresses that are more covered. Indoor ceremony’s and receptions also allow for gorgeous long trains lavish ornate detailing like illusion sleeves and backs because you won’t have to worry about the weather and how you will walk around.

Whereas having your ceremony outdoors such as in Central Park will not have the same requirement. You will probably want to go with a shorter train and more of open back so you will fit in with your surroundings. So be sure to keep this in mind while shopping for a dress.

Guests: We all know this day is all about you, the bride. But you also don’t want to offend anyone, especially older guests. If you guest list is heavily skewed with guests that have years of life experience, you may not want a dress that’s super revealing.

If your guest list consists of many of your friends from college and after, they may love the sexy deep V-backless dress you are strutting around in. No matter what, your wedding dress should still show your personality while not making your guests blush.

Types of Wedding Dress Back Detail

Open Back

Brides who aren’t afraid to let their sexy personality shine bright on their wedding day love the open back dresses. Brides have fallen in love with the combination of modern day sophistication and timeless glamour with a dash of sultry wedding dresses from Moonlight Bridal. Jaw dropping open back dresses are perfect for younger brides who want to capture their guests’ attention. Perfect for a grand garden wedding. To show off the back design in all its glory, a wavy up-do with a crystal hairclip is the perfect hair style for an open back dress.

Keyhole Back

For those who can’t decide if they want an open back or not, a keyhole back design may be the perfect compromise. You will get to show a little skin while having some beautiful coverage along the top of your back and maybe even a hint of a sleeve. Spell love with a heart shaped keyhole on the back of your wedding dress. A keyhole back detailed wedding dress is perfect for a spring and summer wedding.

Illusion Back

Get the best of both worlds in a wedding dress with an illusion back. Many wedding ceremonies are held in churches or other religious venues where exposure of a lot of skin is frowned upon. The illusion back will add a sheer layer to the open back dress design. It will give you and your guests the look of an open back. The illusion detailed back wedding dresses are perfect for fall or winter weddings where the air is a little cooler. The illusion back will act as a cover to keep you warmer than having an open back.

Illusion backs are not just about showing skin for every bride who loves classic lace, an illusion lace detailed back may be a match made in heaven. Depending on the lace of the dress, it can match with your vintage themed wedding or modern classic themed wedding. Show off the detailed back by wearing your hair to one side or in an up-do.

Strappy Back

You love the idea of an open back but think there’s something missing. Wedding gowns with intricate beaded straps add the eye catching component to the open back design you have been looking for. The strappy back gives you the open back open while keepings all eyes on you and the back details as you glide down the aisle. Wearing an up-do or side-swept hair would showcase the strappy back.