10 Latest Wedding Trends in Ireland: What to Look Out For in 2023

As we approach wedding season in Ireland, it’s always exciting to see the latest trends that are emerging in the wedding industry. From traditional to contemporary, there’s something for everyone in the world of weddings. Here are some of the latest wedding trends in Ireland that we’ve been noticing:

Sustainable Weddings Ireland
  • Sustainable Weddings: With an increased focus on sustainability and reducing waste, many couples are opting for eco-friendly wedding options. This includes using recycled paper for invitations, opting for locally-sourced and organic food, and choosing to donate leftover food to charities.
micro weddings ireland
  • Micro Weddings: Smaller, more intimate weddings have become increasingly popular over the past year, due to the pandemic. However, they are also gaining popularity for other reasons, such as allowing for a more personal and intimate celebration with close family and friends.
unique wedding venues
  • Unique Venues: Couples are getting more creative with their choice of wedding venue, opting for non-traditional locations such as museums, art galleries, and botanical gardens. These venues offer a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests.
Bold Colors wedding
  • Bold Colors: While pastels and neutral colors have been popular in recent years, we’re seeing a shift towards bolder and brighter color schemes. Think jewel tones, bright blues, and pops of color in unexpected places.
wedding personalization ideas
  • Personalization: Couples are incorporating more personal touches into their weddings, making them unique and special to their relationship. This includes everything from personalized vows to incorporating family heirlooms into the decor.
Non-Traditional Wedding Attire
  • Non-Traditional Wedding Attire: While traditional wedding dresses and suits will always be popular, we’re seeing more couples opt for non-traditional attire. This includes jumpsuits, colorful suits, and even bridal separates.
Interactive Entertainment wedding
  • Interactive Entertainment: Couples are moving away from traditional wedding entertainment and opting for more interactive options. This includes live bands, interactive photo booths, and even games and activities for guests to enjoy.

Intimate Dining Experience
  • Intimate Dining Experiences: Rather than a traditional sit-down dinner, some couples are opting for more intimate dining experiences, such as long tables or family-style dining. This allows for a more communal and intimate atmosphere.
Wedding Website
  • Wedding Websites: With more couples planning their weddings online Buying Wedding Gowns Online, wedding websites have become increasingly popular. They offer a centralized location for guests to access all the important details about the wedding, from venue information to accommodation options.
  • Personalized Wedding Favors: Personalized wedding favors are a popular trend, allowing couples to give their guests something special and unique to remember the wedding by. From customized candles to artisanal food products, there are endless options for personalized wedding favors.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the latest wedding trends in Ireland that we’ve been seeing. Whether you’re planning a traditional or contemporary wedding, there’s always room for personalization and creativity. At Ennis Bridal, we’re dedicated to helping our brides find the perfect wedding dress to fit their style and vision for their special day.

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