Celebrating Love and Beauty: Ennis Bridal Boutique’s Happy Brides

At Ennis Bridal Boutique, our mission is to make brides feel not just beautiful but also supremely happy on their wedding day. We’re incredibly fortunate to have been a part of so many love stories, and today, we want to shine the spotlight on our beautiful brides who trusted us to help them find the ...


Navigating Wedding Cake Etiquette: Tips for Brides

When it comes to weddings, few things capture the essence of celebration like a beautifully adorned wedding cake. However, the journey to selecting the perfect cake isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. From flavors to designs, there’s a myriad of choices to consider. To help you glide through this sweet decision-making process, we’ve crafted ...

Choose the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type


How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable moments in your life, and finding the perfect wedding dress is a crucial part of creating that magical experience. The key to feeling confident and beautiful on your big day is selecting a dress that flatters your unique body type. To help you navigate ...

Sample Bridal Sale 2023 at Ennis Bridal Boutique

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Unveiling the Magical Sample Sale 2023 at Ennis Bridal Boutique!

Calling all beautiful brides-to-be! Have you been dreaming about finding your perfect wedding gown at an irresistible price? Well, your dreams are about to come true at Ennis Bridal Boutique in Ennis, Ireland! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming sample sale, where you can discover breathtaking bridal gowns from leading international brands at discounts ...

Ennis Bridal is your destination for plus size bridal gowns

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Embrace Your Perfect Fit: Ennis Bridal’s Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an exciting milestone in every bride’s journey. At Ennis Bridal, we understand the importance of inclusivity and the need for plus size bridal gowns that make every bride feel confident and beautiful on their special day. As plus size bridal specialists, we proudly offer a stunning collection of wedding ...


10 Stunning Irish Wedding Destinations for a Dream Wedding

If you’re planning a dream wedding in Ireland, you’re in luck! The Emerald Isle offers a wide array of stunning wedding destinations that are sure to create a magical backdrop for your special day. Here are 10 breathtaking Irish wedding destinations to consider: Ashford Castle, County Mayo: This luxurious castle venue is nestled amidst picturesque ...


Irish Wedding Cake Trends: From Claddagh to Celtic Knots

When it comes to an Irish themed wedding, the wedding cake is an important focal point that can showcase the beauty and symbolism of Irish culture. From incorporating traditional Irish symbols to drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes, there are many ways to infuse an Irish touch into your wedding cake design. Here are some ...

Dos and Donts of Wedding Dress Shopping


The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping with Family and Friends

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting and memorable experience, and having your family and friends by your side can make it even more special. However, it’s important to navigate this process with some guidelines in mind to ensure a positive and stress-free shopping experience. In this blog post, we will explore the dos and don’ts ...

Bridal Appointment Guide Ireland

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing For Your First Bridal Appointment

Shopping Tips For a Successful Bridal Appointment Preparing for your first bridal appointment can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and preparation, it can also be an exciting and enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at each step involved in getting ready for your ...